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AR550 steel for centerfire rifle and AR500 for pistol --- both 3/4" thick --- For rimfire --- 22 rimfire...1/4" thick steel, which can be less than AR500 --- No deep cratering pits on steel targets. No magnum calibers for steel, limit caliber use for 8mm on down and roughly less than 3,000 feet per second for steel.

Regrading the backstop berm is a sometime once yearly chore --- The rain-off soil constantly fills the frame holes near the backstop berm, unless you set them far enough away from the dirt berm. Allow plenty of space for a backhoe grader to do work on the berm.

If you forego concrete slabs for the steel pipe mounted frame can lay down two railroad ties, parallel with each other, with wood frame slots screwed behind one of the ties that will fit a wooden frame target.

Build high dirt berms between the ranges. Overhead canopy's for the concrete firing pad, rigged with lighting rods. Solid benches for the benchrest area, along with small solid benches for the pistol range --- Movable rifle benches for other areas. Rifle racks and a possible concrete/block dugout pit for retractable long range rifle targets used by pitmen.

Shotgun patterning trench, archery and a trap range.

I'm a paid member at AGC of Baltimore @ Marriottsville, Maryland.

Link to the range:
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