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opening a rifle range

So, long story short I am new here. I was a marine for 4 years and I want to open a range. There are a few in my area but only a select number of those are open to the public, they are all about an hour away and are quite frankly dated.

I want to have 3 subsequent ranges on one range complex. A pistol and shotgun range with railroad tie and earth side walls and a 20 foot berm with railroad tie back support wall to prevent erosion. The side walls will have sacrificial covering close to the firing range.

The rifle range will go out to 300 yards and have a slightly elevated firing position. Now here is where I have a big question. Do I use steel targets, or paper. I want to be able to have targets set up at the 100, 200 and 300 yard line respectively. What special requirements do steel targets entail. Side berms, mangers to catch ricochet etc. Or would it be better to set up paper targets. Furthermore, is 300 yards overkill. I understand primary impact zone, secondary and tertiary danger zones as well. I understand that an extra hundred yards on the range greatly increases the impact zone which for .30 caliber match grade will be as big as 4 miles deep.

That being said, how can one reduce the size of the impact zones required for the range. Does a berm do this alone or older other measures required. I'm just wondering because buying all of that land is not feasible.

My last range would be a 30 yard training range for fire and maneuver onto stationary targets.

As far as zoning ohio only requires you follow the nra guidelines for range construction. Locally there is a sportsmans club right down the road so i dont think ill have a problem there with getting approved. So would all of my questions be answered by their guidebook.
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