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Before Appleseed:

I know this is an old post, but I just found the picture.

CNGB (Chief of the National Guard Bureau) match. Using the M16A1 w/sub cal device (22 rim fire).

Units in the state compete, the winning team is taken to Nashville (then the Headquarters of the NG MTU, to compete head to head with the other states and territories.

This is the 1st Scout team. Company A, 1st 297 Inf. out of Gambell, St Lawrence Island. Late 70s, '79 I believe.

I was a 1lt then, XO of the company. We placed 1st in the State of AK, I was the high individual. I forgot exactly where we placed nationaly but I do know it was the in the top 3rd.

I still have one of those sub cal devices. fun to play with.

Kraig Stuart
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