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I personally will never purchase another m77. I bought one new and it has never shot well. I have tried numerous different factory ammo and my best groups are 3-4 moa. This is completely unacceptable to me. I now use a Rem 700 which i consistently group sub-moa. It's likely i got unlucky, but i know at least some other people have the same issues. I'm surprised no one on here has anything bad to say about them. As far as the trigger goes that isn't much of a concern. The M77 trigger is one of the easiest ones to improve with a file and diamond stone. Mine is now a clean break at three pounds. Of course I would never recommend you do that, but you probably have the required skills. I personally wish I would have spent the extra money to buy either a Rem 700 or a Winchester Model 70, and will never make the same mistake.
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