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Hi mlun,

It seems that LRI has closed. I will try to find out if any of the instructors are still doing training somewhere.

I just want to emphasize the point that you do not need a special gun to learn the long range shooting game. A specialized rifle is required if you wish to compete and win. But, any hunting rifle with decent scope should work. I used the Savage and another guy used a Winchester Model 70 in 30-06. Both guns performed quite well at 1,000 yards. My setup was around $1200, but I bought an expensive scope mount and rings. A $300 scope (look at a Super Sniper 10x) should be fine. The only requirement is some sort of hashes in the reticle. Mil-Dots are good, but other systems are available.

The Appleseed project is a great way to start with long range shooting. It is more "basic"...but fundamentals are what this is all about! If there is not an Appleseed anywhere nearby in the next few months, look for a CMP Garand Clinic ( I shot a 1950's Garand out to 300 yards in my first Garand was great! I score hits even though I was terrible. Both events were very educational and fun.

Google around for "long range shooting course" and "precision rifle course". There are many schools that train to 1000 yards and beyond.
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