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I suppose it depends on which iteration of the .45 Colt we are talking about. With the balloonhead case holding a true 40 grns of powder pushing the 250-255 grn bullets then certainly. But it kept getting neutered until it was more like a Schofield using 28 grns and a 230 grn bullet, which still was no slouch being akin to what the original .45 ACP was designed with in mind.

With 25 grns of 3F Triple 7 and a 255 grn bullet from a 7.5” ROA Mike Beliveau showed nearly 500 ft/lbs of energy.

I’ve often read that those cartridges were loaded with 2F. However I know the Hazard’s paper cartridges used during the Civil War used what was known as Pistol Powder and it was 4F and powerful like Swiss, Olde Eynsford, and Triple 7. I haven’t found any documentation claiming what granulation was used in the late 1800’s, but it seems odd they’d neuter the performance, unless it was the military rounds and by their doing. I have read that it was an officer taking part in the testing that didn’t like the recoil of the original loads and had it reduced. Maybe the decrease was also due to powder granulation used.

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