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This is what bad karma gets you.

NRA and republicans were jumping for joy when Georgia was blocking legislation on Delta Airlines simply because they didn't want to be involved in the NRAs politics (

Now the NRA is up in arms that the left is doing similar things? Give me a break. Reap what you sew.

America's whole political climate right now is its only bad if its the other side. It was OK when it was delta but now its not ok when the tide has turned?
That is a fair example of what I frequently say... it is ok as long as my side is doing it but not ok for your side to do it. I personally believed the GA legislature was being hyper-political and should not have even debated that action, but that's just my opinion.

But... that's not exactly an apples to apples comparison. Georgia was considering ending a tax break to Delta over it pulling out from the NRA. It has been suggested that New York is threatening to pull state business licenses from any company that does business with the NRA. The NRA has to have a banking institution. New York is trying to tell any bank that they better not serve NRA or they will "not do business in New York anymore." There is a great deal of difference. Georgia was threatening to end tax breaks. New York was threatening to yank a private organization's business license if they do business with another private organization. The exact definition for fascism is elusive, but almost all attempts would include this action as fascist.
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