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A 30-06 loaded with 200-220 gr bullets has proven to be as effective as anything else short of 375 mag. And it ain't too far behind 375. Not as much testing with 308 but it should do just about as good. It shoots the same bullets at the same speed as 30-06 did 50 years ago. The Canadians trust 308 and 303 for polar bear defense. They've been issuing 303's for decades and recently ordered new 308's from Tikka. Don't know what load they use. I'f you're caribou hunting that means you won't be dealing with the really large coastal bear anyway.

Forget aiming at the skull, the target is too small on a frontal shot and if you're being charged you won't get a shot at the side. In theory the 168 copper bullet should work, but 200 and 220 gr Partitions have proven they work.

For variety of reasons I wouldn't touch a semi-auto for this, but it's your choice. You can buy a much more reliable, more accurate bolt rifle that will shoot the same bullets 150 fps faster with almost 1/2 the weight and at 1/3 the cost.
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