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All shotgun powders are packaged in green cans.
As said above, pure folly. Handloaders use many, many shotgun powders... for loading handgun rounds. Wholly appropriate and doesn't just "work", it works fantastically well.

The handgun powders are the ones that must be watched. They are the fastest burning, the most dense. They pack the most energy -- the fast burning pistol powders are the ones that can wreck anything. If he had accidentally loaded up 9mm with Varget, even if he had to pound each charge forcibly in to the case, or even if he had loaded Varget up in to a huge piece of .44 Magnum brass, his biggest threat is a stuck bullet.

Agreed that this thread & his relaying the experience is a sobering reminder of what needs to be fully in the control of the handloader. But the very idea that something other than the handloader's own personal attention is needed to avoid this pretty much wastes the value of the thread in the first place.

We don't need help from the powders distributors in the same way that we don't need a sticker on the car door telling us not to slam our finger in it.
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