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I'm grateful it was not worse,and thankful you shared your lesson with us.

I agree that all I expect of Hogdon is to put the correct label on the powder.

Color coding?Come on!

No disrespect to the OP,this is a comment on the illusion of foolproofing.Back in the 1700's,the poet William Blake wrote"All attempts at foolproofing are folly,for the genius of the fool is infinite"

No,I'm not calling the OP a fool.All of us,myself included,have a little bit of fool within us.The trick is keeping him in check.

I'm not a chemist,but I have worked with a chem lab on the other side of the door.SOP was not only no extra chemicals on the bench,but each label was to be read aloud,twice.

A glance is too easy to see what you want to see.

I think we also have to give some credit to Savage.There is destructive testing and engineering involved in a catastrophic failure that does not seriously injure the shooter.

Do you reckon you'll have a flinch to get over? :-)
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