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1. Get well soon.

2. Nobody needs to beat you up over this. You've done that yourself the hard way. In your shoes, I know I'd be writing to Savage thanking them for an action that held together enough not to send the bolt slamming back into my brain, but that's just me. That being said, suggestions for the future:

3. Get thee to Wal-Mart and buy a small whiteboard to go above the loading bench. Before you start, write down the components including charge weight and COAL you are planning on using before you get them out. As you get them out, write the lot numbers as a double check. Put the powder bottle as close to in front of you as you can without it getting in the way. At the end, as you put the bottle away, write all the components again in a record book you should keep for the purpose. This way you will have a double check of your components. Then write a summary on a sticky label and put it on the ammo box. Triple check.

4. Powder storage needs a door and to be separate from the bench. If the only visible bottle is the one you are using, you are less likely to use the wrong one; it will be staring at you the whole time you are loading, and there will still be time to stop before something bad happens again.

Again, get well soon. I hope you keep all the use of your hand; having been on the doctor's side of stuff like this, I know how serious it can be. Nobody who reloads, however careless they are, deserves permanent disability.
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