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Man o man that could have been a LOT worse.

Glad your not hurt any worse than you are. Still isn't a good thing, but the pain will eventually subside and the experience will last as a reminder.

I was loading some H-4350 on the top end for some .243 loads once. Then in a hurry to get things loaded up before openeing weekend so I could make sure I was dialed in, I grabbed up a jug of IMR-4350. I can tell you they are not the same.....I was lucky enough that all I ended up with was a sliver of the primer in my nose, and my left forarm. The action held tight and contained the case. The primer however was blown to other deminsions. My bolt also has a lasting reminder of it with a permanent ring etched into the face.

Like most here, and I am sure you in the future, I check and double check nowadays. If in doubt I simply pour it out and go on about my business. The back lawn is greener in some spots, but that is a small price to pay. A half full measures worth of powder isn't nearly as expensive as the what if's.

Feel better soon, I know that is a small comfort having had some pretty serious injuries to my own digits, but hey, it's still there and you CAN still feel it so it isn't as bad as it could be. Prayers for your recovery.
Mike / TX
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