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One is none, two is one and three is....well, you know the rest.
Okay, but some practical context is needed when it comes to a proverb or maxim.

Otherwise, they'd be issuing infantry a pair of rifles, cars would come with 4 spare tires, etc.

One of the dismaying things I've sometimes noted is that there's seemingly no shortage of folks who are ardent about carrying a back-up/secondary weapon, but not particularly ardent about actually improving their skillset or training to use their primary weapon, let alone their second (or third, fourth or whatever) weapon, under chaotic and demanding conditions.

Sometimes folks can have a funny emphasis on what they feel is important, and the conditions and circumstances in which it may be important.

Then again, I used to know one guy whose idea of a back-up weapon was a Colt Commander, and another guy who carried a M19 snub nose, both on-duty. I don't think either guy carried them off-duty, however.

Also, I sometimes wonder (idly, not giving it that much thought ) how some folks think they need to carry more weapons and ammunition on their person, when going about their daily lives, than most cops are issued or authorized to carry.

Not my problem, though.
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