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How did this thread get resurrected after almost 6 years?!?

I mean, it started the year before my retirement, and I've been retired since '09. I must've found the thread topic uninteresting back then, I suppose, not seeing where I've voted or posted in it.

I don't make it my business to go out of the way to intentionally denigrate the equipment choices of other folks. If it's lawful, and it's within policy (for those folks who are bound by such), I don't particularly care what other folks choose to do in this regard.

I do have a care about them being totally familiar with their chosen supplemental equipment, including carry method(s) ... and be just as well versed and proficient in its actual use as they are (hopefully) with their primary equipment.

That's where a lot of folks seem to have trouble, though. I've seen any number of guys and gals demonstrate lesser familiarity, comfort and even skillset with a "secondary" weapon. Is that what you really want when the situation becomes so dire that you're resorting to the "backup" weapon?

All of that being said, I'm rather flexible in my choices of equipment and the conditions under which I feel carrying it is prudent & practical.

No, I seldom carry a secondary weapon, especially now that I'm retired. Have I? Yes, both before and after retirement. As a general practice? Nope.
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