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Less than the cost of my farm. I don't know if I could ever figure out the total cost of components over 20 some years.

Hard equipment is easy and really after the first few years of putting it together it has tapered off to well under $100 each year if that.

Lets say three pressed at $3,000 including all dies,change kits etc. to load the 380, 38, 357 9mm, 40, 44 mag, 223, 30-06, 35, 45-70.

Another $1,000 for things such as tumbler, scales along with all the other things you need.

So I would think a good number is $4,000 so lets say that breaks down to $200 a year for my hobby not including components. Of course if I had to buy it all today that number would be much larger as the price of equipment has gone up.
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