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CCI primers are the hardest of the ones from the US as far as I have been able to tell. Federal are the softest.

I don't normally use CCI primers because I do have a couple of pistols with lighter than normal hammer springs in them. I normally use Winchester primers. When I can't get them for some reason I will use Federal followed by Remington. As long as you are not loading near max levels there shouldn't be any problem using any of the 4 without having to work up the load again. Just don't use Mag primers. They will increase pressure enough to change things more than you probably want. I have used all 4 of these primers to load pistol ammo.

With WST powder I like to load it between 4.9 and 5.0 grains of powder with 185 JHP bullet from Montana Gold. OAL is 1.210" The Max level for this bullet and powder is about 5.3 grains. If you have to load with a shorter OAL be sure to reduce the powder and work the load up again. Shorter OAL will increase pressures.

This is a mild clean shooting load. You might be able to get a softer shooting load with a little less powder. I have loaded these up with 4.6 grains in the past. 4.9 to 5.0 will cycle any .45 I have tried them in and accuracy has been good.

WST fills the case enough to easily see the powder while loading on a progressive press. The color of the powder is fairly light and that helps too.
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