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Jammer Six, thanks again for the additional info.

It's not that I am determined to use a different primer. It's just that I was not sure if I actually needed to use the primer listed. I can see now that I need to stick to the combinations listed in the manual. Changing one component, changes everything.

So, completely out of ignorance, I ordered 500 small primer Federal cases and 1000 200 gr JRN bullets from PowerBond Bullets. Did this before I started looking at reload manuals. I know, dumb. Now it seems that no matter what manual I look at, there is no data for that type bullet. There is plenty of data for 230 gr JHPs, SWCs and the like. Even some for 200 gr SWCs and HPs. But nothing for my type of bullet.

I am in a deep quandary to say the least. Don't know if I can use the OAL for a 230 gr JRN and the load data for a 200 gr bullet or not. My thought is this may work. But if I have to start over and order components specifically based on the load data, I will.
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