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Machine Guns are largely a moot point....

Funny. I always thought the purpose of the militia was, among other things, to put down insurrections. That's what it used to be used for. You know, tax resisters and union strikers.
We have a hundred+ Federal Acronym Agencies for that now, Blue......

Militias were always a local thing ..... until the National Guard was formed, and the Feds took control of that, at least financially.....

Private citizens really don't, as a rule, have the money to feed an automatic weapon to the point of being proficient with it, IMO ..... not when 50% of them are on the dole, and the rest are forking over 1/3 to 1/2 of their income to pay for that Welfare State and all those Federal Agencies.

I am having a difficult enough time remaining proficient with the guns I have and none of them will burn a box of ammo in 3-5 seconds ..... maybe we need a Federal Ammunition Subsidy Program..... NOT.
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