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Beretta, did they learn how to operate with no secure rear training and supply facilities? Huge portions of our military bases are within rifle range of civilian neighborhoods. Most base personnel now live off base. besides, if you didn't notice we haven't exactly "won" in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Far from it. All we really accomplished was destroying the infrastructure in Iraq and pretending to raise the price of Heroin for a few years. Taliban is now becoming one of our key allies in Afghanistan.
Not that FA plays into that argument much at all. FA just isn't very useful for insurgents. You have to have supply like the US military to use full auto in a military situation. Imagine the craziest, err uhhh, most prepared person you know who has 20,000 rounds of 223 stashed away. How long does that last if distributed to a platoon in actual combat?

50 full auto items might force the deployment of an attack helicopter. Once you start deploying attack helicopters you find yourself in a bad political position. Of course THAT lesson does seem to have been missed.

Look at the financial expense, human resources cost, and image costs of things like Waco. Sure you can roll over the place with tanks and save a little money, but that isn't going to go over any better in the news.

There was a time when it was thought an insurgency without heavy cavalry(Knights) was impossible.

Most people who think limiting the sale of full autos is such a great idea don't realize that most any amateur machinist can convert a gun to FA and making a full auto SMG with a smooth barrel from plumbing supplies is not a challenge for a handyman with a ten page booklet of instructions.

Anyways, the 22LR suggestion was not to limit it to that in the long term, but rather to make an incremental step. From there pushing other rimfires is a simple thing after a few years. Then maybe other 22s, etc. In the meantime the registry is vastly expanded eliminating the primary "legitimate" legal argument against machine guns. The only way I see any progress being made on this front without a few thousand people putting themselves in legal jeopardy.

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