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55 grain V-max .223.

I bet the wolves are managing the coyote population up there in Idaho! From what I have read a wolf will hunt down a coyote just to kill it.

Here in North East Texas the coyote is "Top Dog"! It is the top predator so it just eats and breeds!
I got into chasing coyotes because a good friend lost two calves one spring to them.
I also have 4 different places I hunt that the owner lost the family pet to coyotes.
They are turning to domestic pets because they are easier to catch than the cottontails around here. They will still eat a cottontail, they will just drive by the fast food joint first!!

We have a few coydogs around here as well. One was killed after it attacked some hunting dogs, it weighed 67lbs. Some locals say that the coydog mix is why our coyotes are a bit larger then other areas. (50-60lbs top end, 40-50 not uncommon) Some of the old timers say our coyotes have a strong line of the Red Wolf that once was common in this area.

I put two rounds of #4 buckshot in one this morning that ambushed my decoy from the wrong direction! 1st round hit it hard but it still turned into a fur rocket. Second shot was a hail marry at about 60 yards on its way out!

They are ruthless!
~ "JJ"
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