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what does a cyote-dog look like? cute-ugly?
Can go either way... Consider the variation of domestic dog characteristics...
There is a strain here officially referred to as "black coyotes" they all seem to share a white "blaze" on their chest... Much like montana stock dogs often have...

But I assure you all... You do not want to cross a coy-dog bred of a bulldog type or other "aggressive" breeds... You never lose the skittish nature of the yote as they live wild but now instead of a few fear bites (actually just nips compared to their potential) and they flee... You now have fear based reaction with bulldog/rottie/other tenacity, strength, endurance and prey drive triggered kill response... Wouldn't be something to face unarmed...

And just cuz you live in the city and you do not see them... don't mean they are not among you and more chance of coy-dog variants.... I remember an "orange german shepherd" that I told my folks about in oklahoma city... It was runnin' in a pack of feral dogs... He was biggest and obviously pack leader. I described him as runnin' like a yote but had long hair and the colr pattern was saddle like a shepherd but mainly bright orange like morris the cat.

That was decades before I heard of a coy-dog

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