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In his book, The Combat 45 Automatic, Bill Wilson states that the proper way to load a M1911 is to hold the trigger back while hitting the bolt release. Mr. Wilson claimed that disengaged the trigger parts and protects the sear surfaces.

You are supposed to put the magazine in, hold the trigger back, and press the bolt release. Well, even after having practiced, I got the sequence wrong. On one reload, I hit the bolt release and squeezed the trigger. Since this was during paper punching at the range, the bullet went downrange and into the berm. But that scared me.

Since then, I keep my darn finger off the M1911 trigger until I want to shoot. I have not had any problems with my trigger jobs so I really wonder if Mr. Wilson’s procedure protected anything.

The only other ND's I have had have been standing slow fire during XTC courses. There have been times in the snow and wind when my fingers were so cold that I was unable to feel the trigger. The results have been on target paper misses as I don't move the finger to the trigger until the sight is on target.
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