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I had a couple of negligent discharges with my autos. I now shoot revolvers
You can't blame this on the guns. They were equipped with a negligent shooter.

ND 1) Pulling the trigger needlessly. Thankfully the gun was pointed in a safe direction.
ND 2) ...maybe this one is excusable. I'm not familiar with that model gun to know if what you were attempting to do was necessary or not.
ND 3) Fondling a loaded Glock while hopped up on Vicodin?

Please, please learn from this.

Whew. Both times drilled safety (point at floor) overcame sudden onset of stupidity (lets pull the trigger!) but I ain't takin' no more chances. I'm a wheelgun man from now on.
If that is what you learned from this, please reevaluate the lesson.
ND 1) Pulling the trigger needlessly can cause an ND on a revolver, same as an auto.
ND 2) Revolvers can ND while decocking, same as an auto.
ND 3) This, also, was not an auto-specific accident.
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