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I had a couple of negligent discharges with my autos. I now shoot revolvers.....

(following was with a PA-63)
At the range, I mentally keep track of my shots. 7 rounds in a mag. Fire 7, the slide locks back, drop mag, rack slide, discharge empty gun safely, re-load mag. Only, I go to discharge it, and it fires! As always I had it pointed downrange, so it didn't hurt anything, but it was an ND. Then, at home, a guy was coming to look at a WASR I had for sale. I alays keep a gun or two at hand, and I loaded the PA63 and was going to chamber a round, uncocked. I chamber it, start to decokc it, and the hammer is stuck- won't move. Damn, now I have a round chambered and the pistol cocked and it won't decock! I had read that sometimes PA63s will fire upon decocking, and I was trying to let the hammer down manually, when BAM! it fired into the wooden floor of my hobby building. Sonofabitch! I was so nervous, the bullet went through my desk chair and the floor too. I unloaded it right there and put it up for sale in the local online classifieds. Traded it 2 days later for a Charter Arms .38 Off-Duty that, while dinged a bit, is as accurate as my old 686.

I never keep a round chambered in an auto, ever....

I had a bad abcess that needed a root canal, and it was throbbing. Bad. I had taken a couple of Vicodin, and was at the computer, and I picked up my Glock 20, just enjoying the feel of it, and I noticed the trigger was in a different spot than usual. (Now, for those of you that don't own Glocks, you have to press the trigger after clearing it before you take the slide off.) So I think, why is the trigger in that position? I better press the trigger and let it down....
BAM! A 200 gr DoubleTap fired off, scared the **** out of me. As always, it was pointed at the floor, but at an angle; the bullet pierced my subwoofer enclosure, went in and out, through the floor of my hobby shop, and into the ground. Damn subwoofer still needs a new enclosure; it leaks air out the 2 holes. I moved up into the garage, waiting for the police, but no one had called them. Whew. I walked in the house...."Honey, you hear anything?" "Yeah, a loud noise. You lifting weights?" "Yes, YES, that was it, I uh, I dropped a 45 plate while loading for squats." "Ok, be careful. That was loud."

Whew. Both times drilled safety (point at floor) overcame sudden onset of stupidity (lets pull the trigger!) but I ain't takin' no more chances. I'm a wheelgun man from now on.

Glock got sold during the ammo scare due to the near impossibility of getting good SD ammo. So I have my .38 snub, and I may get another 586 or 686 S&W.
Oddly, no problem with rifles ever. Rack slide, rack slide, vis check chamber, rack again, point at ground, pull trig.
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