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H&R 22 Hornet

This wasn't a handgun but I will try to be breif.

My Stepfather had a H&R 22 Hornet that had a really light hair trigger. I do not know if it was a modified gun as my Stepfather bought the gun used. This gun was a nail driver, the accuracy of this gun was never in question.

I had 2 incidents with this gun where it went off without my intention. Both were harmless as I knew about the trigger but were still disturbing. I also made a couple of the best shots I ever made with this gun but that is a different story.

My Stepfather gave this gun to my son's (probably 10 and 12 at the time). I knew a local gunsmith and took the gun to him to see if anything could be done. After his dry firing testing he declared the gun dangerous and said that it would probably cost more than the gun was worth to correct. After discussion with my Stepfather he took the gun back for a single shot 22 that the trigger had the opposite problem. This 22 is in the back of my closet and is the last one to get pulled but that is ok.

End of story,
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