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BigJack, nice to see someone on here from this area. I have a c&r license so I ordered my k31 from they can be found a little cheaper, but I like that this guy gives you the guaranteed option of soldier ID tag and walnut stock.

In gville, I have occasionally seen a few k31's as well as other c&r guns over at Traders Gunshop on wadehampton blvd. Prices seem to be $75-100 over what your cost would be with a c&R license, so if you don't have one.. it would be the best $30 you ever spend I think that new place Allen's Arms also has a few c&r guns, but I dont remember seeing k31's.

Disclaimer, don't get a 03 FFL to save money, it will save you money, but you wind up spending more in the long run because you just have to order everything you see j/k

I have not ordered ammo yet but I cannot wait to shoot this gun!
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