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Good shot. I figured it was a neck shot or a head shot because of the legs locking like that.

We have feral animals here in the States, as well as invasive exotics. Easiest to come up with would be wild boar and feral hogs just about everywhere, Spanish goats in California, axis deer in S. California, oryx in New Mexico and Texas, mouflon in Missouri. Some were introduced by people with good intentions (one of the most dangerous animals in the world), many are escapees from game farms or private collections, or a by-product of how people used to raise animals over the past 200 years (wild pigs used to be released then rounded up every fall).

Feral dogs are becoming problematic in some areas, though people don't like to think of Fido going "back to basics". Of course, there are feral cats, but again, the bunny huggers don't want you getting rid of those cute kitties. Other pets and domestic animals are around. Parakeets, goldfish, etc. A friend of mine years back used to hunt wild cattle, animals escaped and breeding in river bottoms years after ranching and public grazing had stopped in the area. He said there was nothing quite as exciting as sneaking up on them and HOPING they would stampede the OTHER way when you fired.
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