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Faster twist rates should stabilized, HEAVIER, LONGER bullets, one reason the 265's may have done better. I've always contended the 1:38 carbine twists were too slow, and am inclined to believe Henry got it right with 1:20.

Muzzleloading rifles intended for roudballs use twist rates that are incredibly slow, 1:66 as an example. A roundball is about the "shortest-stubbiest" projectile one can launch. As projectiles became conical, twist rates increased. My own 1:38 carbines shoot light for caliber .44 slugs much better than traditional 240gr plus bullets.

For me the .44 mag from a carbine has always been a challenge to reload for and obtain great accuracy, which is contrary to the results that many folks obtain. And .44 mag revolvers have a reputation as great shooters. I attribute that difference to the slow twist rates found in carbines.
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