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1st Project Appleseed

I completed my 1st Project Appleseed this past weekend. I have been interested in the program for several years. This year many things came together at the right time allowing me to participate. It was a very humbling, but rewarding experience.

I recently assembled a dedicated 22lr upper receiver to pair with my Anderson/Magpul/PSA lower. This is what I chose to use for the event. The couple of failures I experienced throughout the weekend were my own, not the rifle or ammunition I chose. My rifle presented some challenges during the timed, multi magazine stages of the AQT, but through the course of the weekend, I was able to adapt.

I started out the weekend with iron sights. Unfortunately, my eyesight has deteriorated quite a bit in the last couple of years. After some careful consideration, I added my 4x32 Simmons later Sunday morning. It made a huge difference. The slowest part of the qualifier was giving me the biggest problems. I was losing sight of the smallest targets while focusing on the front sight post. It's hard to put rounds on a target you can't see.

By the end of Sunday, I qualified for my Rifleman's badge with a score of 212. I also earned a 2nd badge for clearing the "Redcoat" target.

I thought I was a pretty good shot before. I knew I could be much better. Appleseed gave me the tools and and a foundation to build upon. Money well spent.

Do any of you care to share your experiences?
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