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Bruce Gray and quite a few other SIG gurus suggest going no lighter than a 19 lb hammer spring on a P229. That is what I have in both my P229s. I have never had a light primer striker with either.

I have heard of individuals going with lighter P229 mainsprings who have claimed 100% reliability so you might consider doing so. But you would need to test it extensively before relying on it for self-defense. And keep in mind that like all springs, hammer springs do weaken over time. So what might be 100% reliable today might not be so in a year or two.

SIGs like most "combat" pistols are relatively over-sprung wrt hammer springs so as to insure reliability with all types of ammunition over time even in the absence of regular maintenance, so you can usually get away with reducing the mainspring power some. Doing so will have an effect mostly on the DA trigger pull, but because the P229, like most commercial pistols has positive sear engagement angles for safety, the reduced power mainspring will reduce the SA trigger pull weight some.
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