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Do you think that a recoil pad marketed as "for 336s" will fit or not fit? In other words, did Marlin take the existing 336 stock, and just simply "lop it off", in which case the outside dimensions on this one will be smaller and the standard aftermarket recoil pad will NOT fit...or did they specially make a buttstock so that although shorter, the final 'rearend' dimensions are the same as a regular 336?
I believe the 336Y stock does have a smaller buttplate.

The easiest way to check is to pull out your owner's manual and compare part numbers in the chart at the back of the book.
If they're different, you'll have a quick answer. If they're the same, you may want to measure the plate and get some dimensions from some one with a standard 336. (Since it could be a "grind to fit" type of installation for the 336Y.)
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