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Thank you.

Microgroove? Yes, indeed. (is that good, bad, or indifferent? I forget)

As for turning it into a Marauder, good call on stock swapping ... However, I think just adding a good 1" or 1.25" recoil pad will kill two birds with one stone - essentially turn it into a Marauder, AND reduce recoil. QUESTION in that regard: Do you think that a recoil pad marketed as "for 336s" will fit or not fit? In other words, did Marlin take the existing 336 stock, and just simply "lop it off", in which case the outside dimensions on this one will be smaller and the standard aftermarket recoil pad will NOT fit...or did they specially make a buttstock so that although shorter, the final 'rearend' dimensions are the same as a regular 336? My guess is the former. I think that today I will remove the plastic buttplate and run to BassPro or Academy to directly compare the aftermarket stuff on dimensions.

The rifle cycles fully loaded ammo just fine.

This is the rear sight / front sight combo I already ordered:

That product seems like a win-win for the price. Comes with a fire front sight, and also has a rail, in case I want to scope it.

I bought some 170 grainers - Remington Express C.L.s. What sort of velocity should I expect from a 16" bbl with 170s with factory ammo? Probably going to be looking at the 1975 to 2050 range, from what I'm reading.

Thanks again. Yes, this should be a reasonably light, VERY handy "long-trek" rifle for woods hunting in the rain, which is its raison d'etre - the "Rain Rifle".

One other thing of note: Many would view the lack of nice blueing like old Marlins a negative - this one has a parkerized or duracoat looking type finish. And I suppose it's another of the multiple forms of cheapening which allows them to compete against the el cheapo .30-30s from Mossberg, Rossi, Henry, whatever. So I suppose these are understandable 'cut corners'. But since this is my "rain rifle", this cheapening is actually a bonus for my use.

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