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I only read part of this post.

My dad loads 165 gr Nosler Partitions in 30-06 to 3200 fps. That load rocks my world but I have yet to have a deer take a step after getting hit. The load also shoots less than an inch at 100 yards - so faster loads are acurate, too.

I prefer shooting 150 grain loads at about 2900 fps - "normal" loads.......or 100 gr loads out of my .243 - southern deer are pretty small.

The 165 gr Partition is a great bullet.

While I'm rambling - dad also has a 200 or 220 gr Nosler Partition load that he used to drop a 18-24 inch white Pine. He put 4 or5 rounds thru it at about 100-150 yards (it was blocking his view from a stand) and the next windy day it went down. EVERY bullet went all the way thru and TORE that thing up.
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