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Are my reloads too weak for elk? (30-06)

I used to shoot 180 gr for elk and 150 gr for deer. A few years ago I decided to just go with 165 for everything. I reloaded a bunch of 165 gr Hornady Interlocks. But I loaded them at 2700 fps, which appears slow for 165 gr bullets.

For shots under 100 yards, will there be any less killing power or less "shock" to the animal? In other words, would a 165 gr bullet traveling 2950 fps have any more killing power or give more shock to the animal?

I only ask because I have about 60 rounds of this stuff and my rifle is already sighted in for the hunt.

ALSO, let's say I don't want to re-sight my gun, but I want to shoot 180 grain bullets. What muzzle velocity would I need to have a similar trajectory to the 165 grain at 2700 fps?
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