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Husqvarna 98 in 9.3 x 62

I bought a late 1939, Husqvarna 98, Model 146, re-chambered from 9.3 x 57 to 9.3 x 62mm.

Where I live, we are fortunate to have everything from deer to grizzly, and I believe a 9.3 x 62 is certainly adequate for everything in North America, with manageable recoil. I understand that some, but not all, African countries permit 9.3 x 62 as a minimum calibre.

Bumnote is right, you can pick up a good one for a few hundred dollars. Mine cost me $350, has an excellent bore, very good wood, and groups 1" at 100 metres.

I have learned that the Husqvarna model 146 has the advantage of a standard length magazine that will accomodate the factory ammo available, Prvi, Federal, Hornady, Remington, to name a few.

The Husqvarna models 46 / 46a do not accomodate factory ammo, excepting Norma, as the maximum magazine length overall is about 3.260, so if you are planning on buying a Husqvarna and intend to use factory ammo, take that into account.

Factory ammo is expensive, and available with Nosler partition, Barnes and other premium bullets. I am using Hornady 286 grain, dangerous game series sp-rp. Around $53 per box - still a bargainb compared to some others.
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