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Nearly all of the guns I've bought are military/LEO grade, also ugly and finished in scratch resistant black.

They're not pieces of jewelry, fancy watches, or snowflakes.

If a Sig, HK, Glock, Walther, etc. breaks because someone is dry firing it, racking the slide, or, God forbid, drops a magazine ON THE FLOOR... then it's defective and you've just done everyone a favor and identified a serious warranty problem before any poor soul bought it.

Any gun store that thinks an ugly Nitron finished military grade gun that can survive being dropped down a cliff, immersed in sea water, baked, frozen, thrown in the mud, then hosed off can in any way be damaged by typical handling to make sure everything is in order (trigger, slide, magazine release, etc) doesn't deserve your business.

...this doesn't apply to guns with fancy grips and finishes that aren't meant to be used as a hammer if need be.
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