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A large part of it is how well you play the "game" and unless someone buys and sells a lot, you may never understand it fully.
Hmmm, I should probably be benched....have yet to run across a real steal

When someone tells me they need and EDC SHTF rifle for CQB that's good for zombie apes at 1000 yards and they know from first-hand experience that it has to have 30-round clips and be chambered in something larger than .223 because .223 has no stopping power and the ammo needs to be cheap in case society melts down...

...and after listening for ten minutes, we establish that they've never even shot a rifle, and they just need something under $500 for occasionally hunting whitetail. Great, here's a decent .30-30 and maybe a 10/22 for junior.

The guy gets what he needs, but it's not what he expected. Why? Because the internet and Cousin Joe Bob Who Used To Know A Cop have fed him a litany of confusing, contradictory opinions dressed as fact.
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