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Obviously, being well-informed should always work to your advantage. Appearing not so well-informed when you really are (i.e., at a gun show, for instance), might work in your stead if you feign ignorance concerning the worth of a particular firearm. If the seller knows I know the worth of a given firearm, he's, perhaps, going to try to make me pay the full amount unapologetically. But if part of his bargaining strategy is reduced to persuading me that the gun is worth what he's asking, he may not be so strident or insistent in making me pay his "asking" price-that is, if I'm too stupid to know any better, then get what you can from this ignorant sucker because he doesn't know from Adam to begin with
Thanks D-glud for the explanation for the people who may not realize this. I don't mean that to anyone in a [email protected] way, but its not super obvious IE the anatomy of a deal: why some numbers come out, and why some people always get a good number, others always have to pay through the nose, some sell too low, some of the time, etc. A large part of it is how well you play the "game" and unless someone buys and sells a lot, you may never understand it fully.

A similar thing happened recently to me when I got my 3 screw 357 old model blackhawk, unconverted. The seller said "its one of those newer 3 screw new model guns, its not an old one". Well I knew 3 screw was about pre 1970 status, and I knew it was unconverted. He stated that he thought it has the new parts. His "ask" consequently, when I just nodded and said something cliche like "it would probably be a good shooter" (meanwhile it is a collectible gun) made him realize that I was unlikely to pay a lot for it, even though it jumped up at me and hit me in the face (those feelings were suppressed). Due to all of this, and partly what he paid, the "ask" was what I intended to counter offer. In other words, I felt he would ask at least $100 more than what he did, and I was more than willing to pay what he asked me. I do think he might have asked more if I told him what I thought or knew of this Ruger. It was obvious he didn't really know what it was or how it was special. It has the 4 5/8 "gunfighter" barrel length to boot (most are 6.5 in that I see).
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