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Those of you who find all these knowledgible gun store employees should post where you shop.

I find 2 types. Those who let me do my process on guns I will likely buy and those who make wild statements about what they think they know about guns.

I had a guy transfer a 19-3 in super condition to me that I bought online. After he [email protected]#$%'ed around with it for a loss in value of about $20, I just started doing things for him like finding the serial number, showing him it remained unloaded and putting it in the case for him. Bluing is kind of fragile if you are really trying to keep it nice. Don't open boxes shipped to you until you ask the customer! Don't have a 15 yr old dim wit handle a gun transfer if he doesn't know guns, 4473's and the gun is worth more than he has made in his entire life! Don't drag it on the counter! Don't open the cylinder needlessly! Don't pull the hammer back half way and lower it! Last, if the customer has paid for the gun, let him do the work for you!

I'm sure somewhere in a land far, far away is an LGS who prices gun appropriately, handles gun knowledgeably, offers incredibly helpful advice, is not a racist and knows how to build a customer relationship.

I was close once, until they had a well worn S&W M29 for $1600, and wanted $42 for WLP primers.

Sorry, rant off.
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