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Originally Posted by Skadoosh
When using their bullseye 1911's, I have been told by multiple NAVSEA armorers not to rack the slide on an empty chamber or to dry fire on an empty...because dropping the hammer on an empty chamber and releasing the slide on an empty chamber can cause hammer bounce back which will damage the delicate sear engagment surface sooner than later.
This is half correct.

Allowing the slide to slam into battery with no cartridge to strip from the magazine is VERY likely to cause damage to the tip of the sear in a 1911 with a light trigger pull.

Dry firing a 1911 (pulling the trigger to allow the hammer to fall) will NOT harm the pistol, and CANNOT harm the sear.

Beyond that ... terminology. "Racking the slide" to me means pulling the slide back to inspect the chamber and feed ramp. To me, the term "racking the slide" does not automatically imply allowing the slide to slam home on an empty chamber. Racking the slide and then riding it back into battery on an empty chamber does no harm.
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