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Ruger LC9 Failure

I was shooting my fathers new LC9 for the first time last week and I experienced what i call a significant failure. The extractor, extractor spring and a pin that appears to hold it all together were blown out of the gun. I fired the pistol and was struck in the face in several places by "shrapnel" which turned out to be these parts. I have never experienced such a failure with any other handgun and to be quite honest it was a little disturbing. This gun has fired less than 50 rounds at this point. When I looked at the gun there was a spent casing in the chamber and it was trying to chamber a second round. I'm assuming that the pressure in the chamber caused the extractor to be blown out of the slide. This is rather troubling to me because I also own an LC9 which I intended to use as my edc during the warmer summer months. I have fired between 50 and 100 rounds through mine and now I'm convinced that I need to do some serious endurance testing to determine whether in fact it is a reliable carry weapon. I'm posting this to find out if anyone else has had these types of problems with their LC9. The guy at the range where we were shooting said that they have seen several LC9's with the same failure. If you have experienced this type of failure with your LC9, please share your experience and what Ruger's solution, if any, to the failure was. Thanks
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