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How is this?

I shot these groups @ 7 yards with my Kimber Micro 9.
Checking out hand loads with the Chrony.

Center 10 shot group was 115 powder coated [email protected] 1182 fps
Bottom Right 10 shot was 124 FMJ @ 1127 Fps
Bottom left was 5 shots of 147 Gold Dot 919 Fps.

Blew my mind.


Same day, same gun......


Sight was held where the red line is @ 6 o'clock. Gun is supposed to his where the dot on the front site is. I would have to cover the black with the sight, not good for analyzing groups. I am basically a bullseye shooter. This is the best group out of this gun in its first 1,000 rounds. 3.1" barrel.
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