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NRA is 996th highest donor to politicians

Of all places the information of how the NRA (National Rifle Association) ranks in donating to politicians came from an article in 'The Atlantic' hopefully putting an end to the mantra that politicians that vote against gun control bills are just shills bought and paid for by the NRA and the gun lobby.

In the 2020 election cycle, the NRA contributed less than $1 million directly to candidates. That made it the 996th-largest donor for the cycle, according to OpenSecrets. The group spent about $5.4 million on lobbying in that same time frame, which put it a bit higher, at 169th. Since 2012, the NRA’s highest contribution ranking has been 294th, and its highest lobbying ranking has been 85th.
Know who's in the top 10 donor list consistently? The NAR (National Association of Realtors). Might be a fun fact to spring on the anti-gun folk railing against the NRA.

There was a quote somewhere, it's not original with me, "The National Rifle Association, the organization consistently blamed for things its members never do."

The Atlantic article,
'Why Can’t Democrats Pass Gun Control? The NRA is in turmoil, but gun-control proponents still can’t get what they want. By Stephen Gutowski'
can be found here:

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