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Last 8 Hogs of 2019 & an Unexpected Visitor

2019 was a pretty good year for me doing hog control on various properties in Texas and it was nice to have a final good hunt at the end of the year. Two of my properties had current hog issues that I had been trying to resolve, mostly picking off singles, but this night turned out much better.

Here is the video. If you want more explanation, it is below. Otherwise, just some decent hog hunting action and some creepy guy at my truck while I hunt...

The first property, I was just going to stop by and do an initial walk through, not expecting to see hogs until later and ended up being there more than 3 hours.

Then off to the next property where I spied hogs immediately from the gate, about 300-400 yards in, up on the hill. It had rained the day before and the field was muddy, so I had parked outside the gate along the fence where the brush would partially obscure me from the hogs. As I was entering the property after 10 PM or so, a car was coming up the road. I hunkered down into a squat as it passed so that the headlights would be less apt to illuminate me (and potentially spook the hogs). I continued toward the hogs but then heard the car turn around and drive right to my truck. The driver gets out, shines a flashlight in the field (I am too far for him to see me) and proceeds to look all around the truck and inside the truck. I figured him for a Good Sam checking to see I the driver of the truck had some sort of medical emergency. He also looked in the bed of the truck and as the 4 dead hogs and bloody game cart back there. He returned to his car and I thought he would leave, but instead returned to my truck and looked in the windows some more before jacking with the door for a bit. At this point, I figured he was trying to gain entry into my truck. Finally, he leaves, and I go on to find my hogs that have disappeared over the hill after all the activity.

When I returned to my truck, I find that he has put flagging tape on the door handle. What the heck? I have since learned that this is sometimes done to mark cars searched that have run off in a ditch or cars abandoned in snow storms or floods, but the weather was absolutely beautiful and my truck was neatly parked alongside the fence....where I had parked numerous times in the past. I checked with the game warden and he checked with the sheriff's office and my vehicle had not been reported for any reason. My landowner had not heard from any neighbors concerned about a vehicle outside his property. It was just odd.
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