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You don’t read very well Eppie. I never said that the gun is a piece of junk. I said that a lot of people say that if a gun needs a break in it’s a piece of junk. This one did need a break in with light loads.
The only real problem I had was with reloads that normally work with other Glocks.
And since a Glock rep did all the work it is still under warranty.
And since nothing was done to the main spring or slide or barrel the lack of extraction is not due to the parts being replaced.
As far as reloads I will have to bring the power level up that’s all.
Last, if I do have a long term problem, I see the Glock rep every month and will give him the gun. This isn’t the first gun I have modified before firing and won’t be the last. I don’t care about warranties. I only want someone I know working on my guns. If it’s a catastrophic failure then it’s my loss if I modify a gun. I really don’t care.
P.S. as long as no one gets hurt
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