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Yup, I shoot 22 cal cast boolits with great accuracy. Not only do I shoot them with accuracy, but I shoot them out of my AR15 at over 2100 FPS.

This mold :
(Actually I have a custom duplicate of this mold in a 5 cavity configuration for faster boolit production).

I use Lars Carnuba Red lube, and a gas check of course. Boolit is straight WW alloy, water dropped and sized to .225". My powder of choice is H4895, at 19.0 grains in LC brass, seated just a couple thousandths off the lands (If loading for a bolt rifle load it into the lands). I use CCI SR primers. The tube is a 16" 1-9" twist with a carbine length gas system (if loading for AR's be aware of gas system length when choosing powders.

No leading, no clogging of the gas port.

I do most all my shooting at 50-75 yards because my eyes are not that great (I use iron sights on my "cast-boolit only AR15). I get 3/4-1" 5-shot groups consistently.

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