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You must not be reading my posts clearly, that isn't an issue of like or dislike. I take issue with the fact that what he is saying, step by step and over and over is identical to what a person with some undifferentiated psychosis would be saying. There is not a single line or sentence that presents a truly rational way of thinking.

What he very clearly espoused was completely inappropriate for personal defense, and barely appropriate for wartime with the possibility of civilian casualties.

The only thing that he said that made sense was that if a zebra attacks you it's a bad thing.

The suggestion that our police should stop mediating domestic disputes and fixing tires, and completely forego "serve and protect" and become the guy from Doom is absolutely insane. I don't know what kind of person he is to be able to say that.

This has nothing to do with dislike. The issue that a well balanced individual should have against his post is that it is all wrong.
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