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You don't get appointed to the Seventh Circuit because you helped out with the campaign.
Did you hear Judge Williams' questions about guns in liquor stores in the Moore case?

I think the issue she meant to get at was patrons having guns at bars.

How many people spend any length of time in a package store? There are the owners and employees - who should be allowed guns since liquor stores are often a targeted by armed robbers, there are the customers who spend 5 or 10 minutes in the store and then leave, and there are the armed robbers, who generally don't obey prohibitions on gun use.

It's not like a normally law abiding person is going to come in to a liquor store carrying and while they're in there they get falling down drunk, wack someone over the head with a pool que, get into an altercation and shoot someone.

Listening to her, I'm not sure how some of those judges got on the 7th.
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