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Oversight to prevent abuse/danger, such things.

The financial world needs some level of oversight or it would become the mafia.

Oil drilling has environmental concerns.

Coal mining has safety issues.

The exact breadth and depth of oversight is a question but clearly some is needed in some ways.

In today's world though, a great many more problems are created by government, blamed on free enterprise and then "corrected" with government "solutions". See "The Housing Crisis" and "Obama-Care" for examples.

I'm afraid we're getting off in the weeds here but the idea is that the government has a certain level of over-sight required to protect people in many ways but they stick their noses in a lot of places where they really should be powerless.

Literally powerless. Taxing everything in sight is one way they do it.

We the People are a big part of the problem too. We see some sort of issue and beg the government for help. We think they can solve every problem and right every wrong.

It's why there IS such a thing as "Gun Control".
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