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I partly agree that we are not free. But some of us are, to be sure, so there is something amiss somewhere, I suppose. When the constitution was written, it was pretty much the same. Some were certainly free, others were not.

We as a nation from the time the first Englishman set foot on North American soil have often talked in high and mighty terms but apparently never really meant it. That has caused much confusion both in the past and in the present when talking about the past. The settlers in Massachusetts came for religious freedom, it is said, only they meant freedom to run their colony and their religion exactly the way they wanted. You weren't free to practice your own religion at all. You couldn't even live anywhere you wanted. You had to live in town. That was 150 years before the revolution. Things changed somewhere along the way. They, the Pilgrims, were not being in the least hypocritical but we tend to see what they did a lot differently.

Those who came to Virginia did not come for religious freedom at all and there was technically no religious freedom there, either. Only in Maryland, The Free State Of, was there true religious freedom.

But this forum is not about religion.
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